CJHS Illinois Youth Survey

On March 4th our school will be conducting the Illinois Youth Survey with all of our 8th graders. The IYS is administered in schools across the state every two years. The purpose of the IYS is to better understand experiences and behaviors as they relate to students, their success, and the programs that may be needed to keep them safe and healthy. Students will be asked to complete an anonymous survey that will be administered in school. The survey asks about topics including activities, school experiences, violence/safety, and nutrition, as well as tobacco, vaping, and substance use. The survey is completely voluntary. We would greatly appreciate you allowing your child to participate in the survey. If you have questions about the Illinois Youth Survey please contact the Central Junior High School Office at 618-937-2444 or email slampley@roe21@org. If you do not want your child to participate, sign and return the parent notification form to the CJHS Office. You are welcome to call the office or email the form as well. Please see the attached information.

Thank you for your cooperation.